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Jose Guadalupe Posada Related Video Reels

Videos about Posada

TED X on J. G. Posada

Jim Nikas speaks about the impact of JG Posada and Miguel Arroyo on tabloids & visual imagery.

The Collection of J.G. Posada 

The Collection of Guadalupe Posada prints and broadsides by Jim Nikas

Art and Revolution 

The work of Posada and Vanegas Arroyo

 by Victor Mancilla

Acknowledgement of Posada

National homage devoted to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the death of Jose Guadalupe Posada

Searching for Posada- Art and Revolutions

Jim Nikas Producer and Victor Mancilla Director, Film: Searching for Posada- Art and Revolutions

José Guadalupe Posada

Legendary Printmaker of Mexico

Speaker: Jim Nikas

The Mexican Museum: Dia de Los Muertos

Guest, Jim Nikas; Hosted by Sandra Hanns

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