Preview of the Brady Nikas Collection Catalog


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Each honeycomb cell represents a page from The Brady Nikas Collection catalog


Vista previa del catálogo Brady Nikas Colección


hojas volantes medianas • hojas volantes grande • hojas volantes doble  

libros de cuentos • portadas de cuentos • grabados

Cada celda de panal de miel representa una página del catálogo Brady Nikas Colección

Select a Honeycomb cell, each contains a preview example of art work by J.G. Posada or another artist from the Brady Nikas Collection. Each cell contains a downloadable link to the first page of that particular archival catalog. The entire catalog is available for viewing.

See below for instructions.

Within the month of July 2014, you can obtain a password to download the entire catalog of JG Posada's work by becoming a member of The Posada Art Foundation. Until then, you must obtain a password from The Brady Nikas Collection: Please email -

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